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Tata Steel Plating is the world's leading supplier of materials for the production of battery cases.

We were the pioneers in the field of nickel plating technology. Hilumin®, a material that we developed and patented over sixty years ago, plays an integral part in the production of batteries.

It is an electrolytically nickel-plated, diffusion annealed cold-rolled steel strip with ideal properties for the production of high-quality batteries. Its benefits are appreciated by many international manufacturers.

Our material makes superior products

Our battery quality grade substrate, coating integrity (even during stamping), adherence to tight thickness tolerances and precise mechanical properties are all fundamental for the quality of the final product.

Features such as leak protection, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity can all be effected by our products.

Quality material makes the batteries more durable, and they perform better.

HILUMIN has excellent deep-drawing properties, which aids efficient and fast production of uniformly high quality batteries.


Tata Steel Plating

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