Tata Steel is the world's leading supplier of materials for the production of battery cases.

We pioneered nickel plating technology. HILUMIN®, a material that we developed and patented over 60 years ago, plays an integral part in the production of batteries.

It is an electrolytically nickel-plated, diffusion-annealed cold rolled steel strip. Its properties are optimised for the production of high-quality batteries. The benefits of HILUMIN® are recognised by many international manufacturers.

We contribute to superior products

We supply the global top producers of alkaline batteries.

The features of our nickel-plated steel for batteries are fundamental to the quality of the final product. They include:

  • battery quality grade substrate
  • coating integrity (during and after stamping)
  • adherence to tight thickness tolerances
  • precise mechanical properties

In addition, leak protection, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity are all positively influenced by our products.

HILUMIN® has excellent deep-drawing properties - aiding efficient and fast production of uniformly high quality batteries.

To further enhance battery performance, HILUMIN® can also be supplied with a cobalt top layer, dull or bright finishes or as a coating on stainless steel.

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