About Tata Steel

Tata Steel is an international business manufacturing pre-finished steel for the building envelope, domestic appliances and manufactured goods markets.

We work hard to ensure Tata Steel is the supplier of choice for all our customers and with over forty years experience, we are the market leader providing high quality products, services and technical support.

The branding approach for Tata Steel leverages the areas of strength across our business.

To support this we are organising our product and service offerings to be market focused and reflect specific market needs. Umbrella names specific to individual markets encompass our products. 

  • Colorcoat® for the building envelope
  • Motiva® for domestic appliances
  • Advantica® for manufactured goods.

Additional services focusing on flexibility and rapid delivery are available with selected products under the Myriad service umbrella, which include MyriaPlus™ offering. 

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